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Zach Comer is an Indiana-based singer-songwriter and self taught multi-instrumentalist whose soulful blend of blues, folk, Americana, rock, and funk has drawn comparisons to Jim Croce, Dave Matthews, Tom Petty, and The Black Crowes. Zach's first musical obsession was and remains Led Zeppelin. Listening to Led Zeppelin opened his mind to the mystical world of blues and folk music.  He began to teach himself drums at age 9 and “wanted to be just like John Bonham.” However, it wasn't until age 11 that he started to show interest in the guitar and finally mustered up the courage to ask his older brother Dave to show him some chords. He hasn't put the guitar down since. The first song he learned to play and sing was “Free Fallin’” by Tom Petty. At age 13, Zach started playing guitar and writing original music for his first band, Detour. True to its name, Detour only played a single show and soon after fell to the wayside. In high school, Zach started another blues/rock band dubbed  "Zeke and the Geeks,” a group that went on to record 2 EP's and play shows all over Indiana and surrounding cities. During that time, Zeke and the Geeks would play shows at the the infamous Chicago House of Blues, Rushville Amphitheater, Muncie Music Festival, Taps and Dolls (Downtown Indianapolis), and O'Sullivan's (Fort Wayne) to name a few. Following college, the band began to go in different directions and eventually agreed to split up. Zach continued to hone his songwriting and performing skills for the next five years until deciding to put them to the test in 2019. Zach started performing at local breweries, restaurants, and open mic nights in Fort Wayne to gain more exposure. Zach released his debut album Someday in October 2019.